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Repair vs Replace: Signs You Need a Garage Door Replacement

Did you know that the average American garage door opens and shuts close to 1,500 times every year? That’s a lot of wear and tear on your garage door and all of its moving parts. With all of those moving parts and how loud garage doors tend to be, it can be hard to tell when your home needs a garage door replacement. With a part of your home that is such a significant investment, there is no reason to take chances.

Regular inspections are helpful, but there are sure signs you should look for. Keep reading to learn more about the characters your garage door will give you when you need a garage door repair or replacement.

Garage Door Opens or Closes Slowly

Garage doors aren’t the quickest things in the world, but if yours takes its time when you’ve pressed the button, it could mean that there is something wrong with your garage door or even your garage door opener.

Opening and closing your garage door thousands of times over the years put a strain on your garage door motor. This is especially the case if you have a wooden or heavy garage door.

If your garage door is opening slower than usual or having a wooden garage door, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a garage door replacement company.

Garage Door Is Extra Noisy

Strange Noise

Garage doors have a reputation for being a bit noisy, so it is no surprise if yours isn’t the quiet type. There are telltale sounds to keep an ear out to tip you off to potential issues that your garage door is having.

Screeching, loud banging, or even rattling are alarming signs that indicate that something is wrong with the mechanics of your garage door. Usually, a noisy garage door means that some of the working parts need lubrication.

Regular inspections and maintenance can keep your garage door working nicely and quietly for years to come. If it is beyond fixing, you should contact a garage door replacement company and go over the pros and cons of repair vs. replace.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are one of the most common components of a garage door. Because of that, it is imperative to ensure that they are properly maintained and lubricated.

Springs usually last for 10,000 cycles of use before they require a replacement. Maintainance can make springs last longer than that, but at some point, they will need a replacement.

If you think that you have a broken garage spring, reach out to a certified garage door replacement service for help.

Garage doors are dangerous, and if you aren’t trained on how to work on them, you could be seriously injured or worse.

Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent

It is entirely normal to expect some repairs to be needed throughout a garage door’s lifespan.

It is a complex machine with multiple moving parts, and that gets used multiple times per day.

If you start to notice that you’re having your garage door repaired more frequently, it may be a sign that you need a garage door replacement.

Garage doors are expensive, but getting a replacement is a better investment than paying for repairs, putting off the inevitable replacement garage door replacement that will be needed.


Garage doors are the only thing standing between potential burglars and your most expensive assets on most houses. Most people use their garages to store their cars, bikes, landscaping equipment, and more.

When all that is standing in the way of those things being stolen is a garage door, you will want to make sure that your garage door is ready for anything.

Modern-day garage doors come with various security measures so that your valuable and sentimental items will be safe and sound. If you feel that your garage door is no longer secure, reach out to a garage door replacement company about getting a replacement.

Increased Energy Bills

Garage doors are built to keep the elements out. Over time, the insulation and seals will start to deteriorate, letting water and extreme temperatures into your garage and home.

Suppose you start to see an increase in your energy bills, inspecting your garage door for bad seals, and make sure that there aren’t any issues. Is it possible that your garage needs maintenance or replacement?

Improved Aesthetics

Garage doors are among the first things that an observer or passerby sees when they look at your home. Having a garage door that compliments your home creates a solid first impression.

On the flip side, having a rundown or old garage door can make your home look worse and decrease its value on the market. Don’t let your garage door become an eyesore on your beautiful home.

The good news is that when you are ready for a garage door replacement, there is a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors available for you to choose from.

Your Garage Is Old

Some homes use the same garage door for 30 or more years. If it has been adequately maintained, it will still work and get the job done.

At some point, though, that garage door will come to the end of its lifecycle.

Replacement parts can help here and there, but eventually, you will need to get a replacement garage door.

If your home has an older garage door and you start to notice issues, reach out to a garage door installation company.

Are You Ready for a Garage Door Replacement?

We here at Gateway Door and Contractings know they are complicated machines with many moving parts, and they require maintenance and upkeep to make sure they last.

There are a variety of signs that your garage door needs repairs or even replacement.

Your garage door’s condition says a lot about you and your home, and it goes a long way towards keeping your vehicles and other valuables safe.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or issues with your garage door, don’t hesitate to reach out to the best garage door replacement company near you.

Get a free quote on a garage door repair or replacement today.


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