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We’re an authorized Raynor Garage Doors and Openers dealer, proudly serving St. Louis and surrounding cities. Whether you want a new Raynor garage door installed or repaired or want to replace a broken garage door opener, you can trust us to deliver on time and within budget.

We offer free on-site estimates and deals on garage doors, openers, and repairs.

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Raynor - Garage Door Company

Want the best? Choose a Raynor door.

Browse the full line of Raynor doors below. With 75+ years of design, engineering, and production expertise, they are our No. 1 choice for residential and commercial customers.

Consider a Raynor door and opener to enhance your property’s curb appeal and resale value or improve safety and security.

Try out our Garage Door Design Center.

You can select from our residential garage door models, customize your design, and even see your door in your home.

[Download] the full line of residential garage doors, or browse by series below.

Distinctions Series™ Custom Garage Doors

Exceptional high-quality materials and craftsmanship combined with the freedom and flexibility to have a custom-looking garage door.

Raynor RockCreeke™


It has a time-honored wood style and appearance without the high maintenance of a wood door. The perfect balance between unrivaled beauty and quality.

Raynor StyleView™


An inspiration in form and function, StyleView offers architectural flexibility, extreme durability in maintenance-free aluminum, and maximum visibility.

Country Manor™

Country Manor™

With design options that complement every home, Country Manor is the ideal choice for a one-of-a-kind carriage house look that will stand the test of time.

Raynor Eden Coast

Eden Coast

Want an upscale and timeless at a great value? It offers an innovative and stylish investment for any home remodeling project. They are built to last for years to come.

Aspen Series™ Steel Garage Doors

For the ultimate safety, quality, and energy efficiency, consider this three-layer construction steel door design featuring WeatherLock™.

Raynor Aspen™ AP200LV LuxeVue

AP200LV LuxeVue

Compliment your home with the AP200LV, a perfect choice for a gorgeous, high-end-looking garage front from the aesthetic design with large windows.

Raynor Aspen™ AP200 Garage Door

AP200 Garage Door

Raynor’s flagship model, the AP 200 Aspen Series, is elegant, beautiful, and strong. It boasts two ′ thick, offers an 18.0 R-value, and comes in wood grain patterns.

Raynor Aspen™ AP138 Garage Door

AP138 Garage Door

When people think of the Raynor Aspen AP139, they often think of reliability. This model is available in many color options, including wood grain patterns.

Traditions Series™ Steel Garage Doors

Built for dependability and long-lasting performance, this is an excellent three-layer constructed garage door with custom options..

Raynor Masterpiece™


It combines all the features homeowners want: a two-sided steel design for safety and security with deep embossed woodgrain for instant curb appeal.

Raynor ShowCase™


If you want an embossed woodgrain texture with a two-sided steel strength, durability, and protection against noise, weather, and impact, consider the Showcase™.

Advantage Series™ Steel Pan Garage Doors

For the best in high-quality residential steel pan garage doors with a wide range of options and designs.

Raynor BuildMark®


A durable, 24-gauge steel garage door with defined raised panel styling and authentic woodgrain texture to give your home excellent curb appeal with strength.

Raynor StyleView™


Do you want a timeless yet affordable style, well-constructed steel pan garage door? Then consider the Raynor BuildMark, which has an economical yet distinctive look.

What’s New With Raynor!

Honey Cedar & Cocoa Hickory Dual Direction and Plank Woodtones

Raynor’s new high-definition digitally printed wood-tone finishes offer the beauty of natural wood without the upkeep. Crafted on the durable Aspen platform, these finishes bring style and longevity to your home. The wider plank design with varied lengths and intricate lighting creates a lifelike wood appearance. Request a free estimate to see in-person samples.

Raynor Cocoa Hickory Dual Direction Finish
Raynor Cocoa Hickory Dual Direction Finish
Raynor Honey Cedar Dual Direction Finish
Raynor Honey Cedar Dual Direction Finish
Raynor Cocoa Hickory Plank Finish
Raynor Cocoa Hickory Plank Finish
Raynor Honey Cedar Plank Finish
Raynor Honey Cedar Plank Finish
Raynor - Garage Door Company

Raynor Garage Door Openers

Regarding Raynor garage door openers, you can count on a broad selection of performance, features, and durability.  These openers are available in a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems.  We also offer the popular wall-mounted jackshaft door operator and battery backup systems. Are you looking for a smart system?  Consider Raynor’s myQ™ technology as it lets you securely monitor and control your garage door opener using your smartphone or computer.

[Download] the full line of residential garage door openers, or browse by series below.

Raynor General II with WiFi

General II® with WiFi™

A WiFi, long-lasting LED residential garage door opener featuring Corner to Corner Lighting™ and engineered to deliver daylight-like light to the entire garage.
DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Motor

Raynor Sentinel


Built with an integrated motion-detected HD camera, this model offers two-way audio for real-time communication and the ability to see who is coming and going via a live feed or recorded event.
DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Moter with Built-in Camera

Raynor Admiral II WiFi

Admiral II® with WiFi™

A powerful yet ultra-quiet opener with WiFi and battery backup runs on a DC belt drive system with variable speed, soft start/stop technology, and an audible signal notification when the power goes out.
DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Motor

Raynor Ultra II with WiFi

Ultra II™ with WiFi™

This 3/4 HP AC chain motor opener offers maximum performance due to its rugged I-beam rail and chassis support for added strength and reliable operation with a dual-drive sprocket that allows adjustable speed.
3/4 HP A/C Chain Drive Motor

Raynor Prodigy II with WiFi

Prodigy II™ with WiFi™

The ultimate in space-saving, heavy-lifting garage access solution, it is fully equipped with built-in WiFi for smartphone control, myQ® Remove LED light, integrated battery backup, and an automated garage door lock.
DC Battery Backup Wall Mount

Raynor Prodigy II

Prodigy II™

If your garage door does not allow for a traditional trolley-operated opener, this is an exceptional wall-mounted jackshaft opener choice: ultra-quiet, space-saving, and wall-mounted for garages with space limitations.
DC Battery Backup Wall Mount

Raynor Aviator II with WiFi

Aviator II™ with WiFi™

This reliable WiFi operator brings peace of mind for quiet takeoffs and landings and is powered by a 1/2 HP belt drive motor.
1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Motor

Raynor Pilot II with WiFi

Pilot II™ with WiFi™

This operator is powered by a 1/2 chain drive motor with safety features for a smooth, reliable, and effortless flight.
1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Motor

Raynor Sergeant II with WiFi

Sergeant II™ with WiFi

A powerful 1/2 HP DC chain drive motor with WiFi and battery backup for steady performance and industrial strength.
1/2 HP DC Chain Drive Motor

Raynor Corporal II with WiFi

Corporal II™ with WiFi

For reliable performance, this durable 1/2 HP motor brings industrial strength for smooth, steady performance.
1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Motor

Raynor Airman II with WiFi

Airman II™

Providing quiet, reliable, performance and designed for those who want the best in value and functionality.
1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Motor

Raynor Product Brochures

From traditional to contemporary, Raynor Garage Doors can’t be beaten.  Download brochures (PDF) from the list below.

Why Choose Us for Raynor Garage Doors?

We’re an Authorized Raynor Dealer that takes every service seriously. Whether you need Raynor garage door repair or a new installation, count on us!

  1. We’re family-owned. We’re not a franchise, so you’ll get the best overall value in products, installation, and service.
  2. Superfast.  You need immediate repair when a cable snaps or a track bends in the wrong direction.
  3. Trustworthy.   Our Raynor garage door service technicians pass background checks and are trained to fix any problem.
  4. Experienced.  We have enjoyed serving residential and commercial customers for over 20 years.
  5. Highly-Rated.  We’re blessed to hold a 5-star rating from the customers we’re privileged to serve.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are fiberglass garage doors better than steel?

Fiberglass doors are composed of a steel core molded to a fiberglass surface. They can outlast the average steel door and won’t dent as easily as steel when hit with an object.

What is the main difference between a belt and a chain drive opener?

The main difference is that chain drives are made of metal, making them more durable and stronger than a belt drive powered by a belt. As far as which is better, chain drives require frequent cleaning, tightening, and maintenance. Belt drives run much smoother, less noisy, and relatively maintenance-free.

How long do garage doors last?

The average life span of a garage door is between 15 and 30 years. The type of springs you have will determine how many open/close cycles your garage can last. We can provide that information with a free in-home estimate.