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Garage Door Repair and Replacement Guide

Your garage door is as vital to protecting your car, tools as well as an entryway to your home that’s as important as any other door to your house. It’s designed to protect your property from the elements and intruders. Not fixing or replacing a damaged garage door can become a significant liability. This garage door repair guide will help you today!

Garage doors are essential to maintaining your home; this is a quick guide to see whether you need a garage door repair or a full-on garage door replacement.


Below we list the most common issues with garage doors and how much it’ll cost you to repair them.

Door Won’t Open via the Remote.

Check the battery in your remote. If your garage door opens from a second remote or a wall opener, this is likely the cause. Swap out the battery and see if it works.

Cost Estimate: Less than $10

The Door Won’t Close ProperlyGuy Working On Garage

There are a few reasons this could be happening. The first is to ensure your sensors (located near the garage, roughly six inches above the ground) aren’t blocked. It’s easy for a box or ball to get in the way, meaning the garage believes something is in the way.

Another potential issue could be your garage door is getting stuck on the rails. Check for any debris that could be blocking it. If the system is clunky or making odd sounds when it’s descending, it may just need to be lubricated.

Cost Estimate: $0-$10

Garage Door Lets Out Heat and A/C

If your garage door isn’t weather-proofed, you’re going to have higher energy bills. This can be repaired by fixing the seal around the garage door.

Cost Estimate:  Depends on the trim needed to repair, remove the old sealing, and install the new trim.

Garage Door Needs Professional Repairs

If your garage door is still malfunctioning, you’ll likely need a professional garage door repairman to help get your door back in working order. Standard repairs can range depending on the issue’s size and severity. Here are a few things that may be wrong, as well as an estimate of the costs involved.

Cost Estimate:  from $99-$149

Spring Replacement

If your garage door isn’t raising correctly or is making a lot of noise, the coiled springs on the door could be worn or damaged.

These springs are heavy and difficult to repair, as it can cause severe injuries. If you don’t have experience working with heavy coils, it’s advised to hire a professional to replace them.

Cost Estimate: $225-$300

Cables and Electricity Issues

Once you’ve confirmed that the batteries are not the issue, the garage door may have an electrical problem. That could be as simple as having the power become unplugged or requiring a full rewiring of the system.

A certified electrician should be able to diagnose the problem. This could be anything from a frayed wire, a fuse being out, a breaker needing to be reset, or your home’s electrical system malfunctioning. A professional must come to ensure you’re fixing the root of the problem.

Cost Estimate: $0-$500

Garage Door Lock

When a garage door doesn’t lock, that means anyone can come up to it and open it with brute force; that’s not ideal.

Some locksmiths specialize in this kind of repair to restore peace of mind into the homeowner’s mind.

Cost Estimate: This charge is location-dependent and can range anywhere from $100-$300.

Replacing a Garage Door

Garage door repairs are common, and they can be maintained. But, in some circumstances, it will require a new garage door installation. The cost of hiring a professional to replace the garage door will typically involve installing the door (including the electrical wiring) and the disposal of your broken garage door. For the basic 2- car garage door, you would be looking to spend around $1200 to replace an existing door.

Garage Door is Structurally DamagedFixing Panels In Garage

Garage doors age and deteriorate like any other part of your home. Depending on the damage incurred to your garage door, it may require a full replacement.

Due to the nature of a garage door bending, curtain panels can show more damage than others. Replacing the panels individually could cost only a few hundred dollars, potentially saving you from needing a full replacement.

However, if the garage door is damaging the garage floor or ceiling when being used, it’s highly recommended to get a new door installed. This could come from excess usage of the door or an alignment issue caused by the home settling after it was built.

The Garage Door is a Safety Hazard

Over the years, several safety measures have been put in place to prevent garage door injuries.

If the garage door opens or closes on its own or doesn’t close fully, this is a safety hazard for you and your family. If the door doesn’t have photoelectric sensors to prevent it from closing on someone, install one, and if they are damaged, replace them with ones that function.

Your family’s safety takes precedent determining whether or not to replace the garage door.

The Cost to Replace a Garage Door

Garage doors come in many different sizes, colors, and styles. That means the price range is pretty varied.

We proudly carry the best garage door brands on the market, including doorlink, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

On average, your typical cost for replacing a garage door can be range from anywhere depending on your needs. A single garage door could cost under $500 if you want to attempt to DIY (not recommended), while a high-end double-garage door could cost you around $4,000.

When considering whether or not to replace or repair your garage door, consider these costs. If your garage door is damaged and costs more to do a garage door repair, a new garage door replacement is your best option.

How much should it cost to repair a garage door? Repair costs vary on the issue.  It’s best to request an onsite inspection to determine the actual cost of any repair.

As we mentioned earlier, a standard repair can be $99.00-$149 with no parts needed. How much does it cost to replace the springs on a garage door? The cost of having the torsion springs replaced ranges depending on the spring’s size needed for your garage door.

Cost Estimate:  from $225 and up to $300

Are You in Need of a Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

No matter what the cost is for the garage door repair is or even to be replaced, it’s nothing compared to the amount of damage it can cost you if you ignore it. Don’t let a broken garage door put your home at risk.

While we’re located in O’Fallon, MO, we service the greater St. Charles and St. Louis areas. We’re committed to getting your garage door back in working order. Request a repair or request a free in-home estimate if you decide to replace your garage door.



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