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What Is The Best Garage Door Opener To Have In 2021?

71% of homeowners with garage doors say their garage is the main entryway into their home. This means that 71% of homeowners expect a garage door opener that they can rely on every day. An opener allows your door to open at the simple push of a button, giving you the ease of driving, or walking, right inside without having to wait.

Before purchasing your garage door, however, you’re going to want to cover all your bases. Luckily, we did all the work for you.

Read further to find out everything you need to know before purchasing a garage door opener.

A Homeowner’s Basics to Garage Doors

First, let’s get into the basics.

Some of the best garage door brands include doorLink, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, and LiftMaster.

As for cost, a new garage door installation can cost around $1,200 for your basic 2-car garage door.

For all the DIY’ers out there, we suggest you leave the installation of your new garage door opener to the professionals. Different types of garage door openers have different parts and can cause you trouble if you don’t have the right tools to install them.

Lastly, when it comes to timing, installing a new garage door can typically be done in about 2-3 hours if the installer you hired is experienced. So you’ll still have the entire day to get to use your shiny, new garage door.

Garage Door Repairs

A standard garage door repair can cost anywhere from $99-$149 if the repair requires no new parts. Suppose you do need to replace a part that can bring the cost up to around $225.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should replace the door rather than repair it, that’s up to you. The only time replacing your door is an absolute must is if whole sections of the garage door have been compromised, or the repairs will cost either the same or more than the cost of buying a new door.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Company

Couple-Picking-A-CompanyWhen it’s time to get your garage door opener installed, you want to make sure you can count on a company like Gateway Door and Contracting You will find the style you are looking for. We take pride in every job we do & treat your garage likes it’s our own. As a company, we work in excellence. We consider ourselves the best in the area.

Start by going to the websites of a couple of companies and evaluate yourself. Compare them with each other and see which one stands out.

Then take a look at client reviews. If the company you’re looking into has positive client reviews, this also shows that not only are they a highly rated company, but they also have the necessary experience to do a great job. Also, see if they respond to the reviews because companies that show that they care about their clients and listen to their needs.

In addition to reviews, look at what brands the company carries. You don’t want to be forced to go with a brand you don’t like because it’s the only one the company carries. You want to work with the company to choose a brand that fits well with your home, rather than have one brand pushed on you.

The Best Garage Door Opener Brand

Liftmaster -Side Garage Door OpenerWhen choosing a garage door opener brand, you want to choose a brand you can trust and believe in. For us, that brand is LiftMaster.

LiftMaster is a trusted brand that has been around for a very long time. It is also the leader in residential and commercial access, and they have the industry’s highest safety standards for door systems.

The great thing about LiftMaster is that they have several options for openers at all different price ranges, so regardless of what you’re looking to spend, we’re confident that you’ll find something you love at LiftMaster.

The Best Garage Door Opener in 2021

When it comes to choosing the best garage door opener, from our professional experience, we rate these from Good to Best.


(Good) LiftMaster 8160W DC Chain Drive Wi-Fi


The 8160W DC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener and the 8165W ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener are two great options by LiftMaster.

The 8160W DC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing your smartphone to control it through their app. Making this door super convenient to open and close. It’s smooth, quiet, and a great base-level opener.

The 8165W ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is similar to the 8160W model. However, this opener consumes up to 75% less power when in standby mode.

The 8165W model also uses an AC motor, unlike the former model, which uses a DC motor. This refers to the current the motor runs on. DC-powered openers are typically smaller in size, smoother, and quieter.


(Better) LiftMaster 8365W 267 AC Chain Drive Wi-FiGoing one step further, there’s the 8365W-267 ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener and the 8355W ½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener.

The main difference between these two openers is that the first model features a chain drive, while the second model features a belt drive. The chain drive option is generally cheaper, but they can be noisy. A rubber belt is used on a belt-driven opener to slide the door, making it much smoother and quieter.

What brings these two openers one step further than the first two is that these two models can automatically protect against the garage door’s forced openings, giving you an added layer of security.


(Best) LiftMaster 8550WLB Belt Drive Wi-FiThe 8550WLB DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener and the 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener are the best garage door openers you’ll find.

Unlike the other models mentioned, both these models feature a battery backup, which allows you to open or close the door even if you don’t have power.

The 8500W model features a wall mount to free up space on your ceiling and even features an automatic garage door lock which deadbolts your door after closing.

Time for a New Garage Door?

From the best brand to a general price range, to which company you want to choose for installation, you’re now armed with all the necessary information to choose the garage door opener that best suits your needs. Along with The best Company in town, Gateway Door and Contractings Co.

So, why wait? Request a free in-home estimate and get started on installing your new garage door opener.


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