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Installing A Garage Door: Why You Should Never Do It Yourself

About 70% of Americans prefer do-it-yourself home improvements. The DIY approach isn’t ideal for every project, though. You might even make costly mistakes if you lack the necessary experience and expertise. Consider hiring a professional team instead of handling a garage door installation project alone. A professional garage door installation company will ensure the best possible results.

You can lean on the experience for the help you need. On the fence about installing a garage door yourself? Here are six reasons to call professionals instead of taking the DIY approach. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision before you pick up that wrench.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of hiring a professional when installing a garage door.

1. Prioritize Your Safety

Garage door repairman with safety equipmentOne of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t take the DIY approach for your garage door installation project is the chance you’ll injure yourself. About 39.5 million people have to visit a physician’s office annually for unintentional injuries.

Another 24.5 million people have to go to an emergency room due to injuries.

There are many different ways you might injure yourself while trying to install new garage doors, including:

  • Falling off a ladder
  • Maneuvering a heavy door into place alone
  • Incorrectly removing torsion springs and other components

You don’t have to put your health and safety at risk. Instead, start Googling “garage door companies near me.” Make a list of options.

Then, ask each company how they prioritize their own team’s safety. An established business will likely have a plan in place.

These garage door installers already understand the risks involved. They know how to remove and install components safely. They likely have a plan to ensure their team’s safety during projects, too.

They’ll even have the proper equipment for the job (equipment you might struggle to find for consumer purchase).

Hiring professionals to handle the installation process will allow you to stay safe.

2. Access to Experience and Expertise

There are nearly 300 businesses in the garage door installation industry. Before hiring someone, make sure to search for an established business. Consider how much experience they have in the industry, too.

Finding an experienced team will give you access to relevant expertise. You can count on an experienced team to answer any questions you have. Meanwhile, you won’t have to waste time trying to find those questions on your own.

If you haven’t completed a garage door installation project in the past, call a local garage door company. They can visit your property and give you a customized quote.

Experience counts when installing a heavy garage door. You can find a team with the distinct experience you need. When Googling “garage door companies near me,” consider the type of door you need help with.

Look for a company that has prior experience handling garage doors like yours. They’ll understand the process involved for different types and sizes of doors. They’ll know how each component works together.

Their prior experience will allow them to ensure your doors are correctly installed.

3. Higher Attention to Detail

A professional garage door installation team will pride themselves in offering top-notch services. They’ll ensure the most significant attention to detail to meet and exceed a customer’s expectations. They’ll also use their industry experience to know what to look for.

They might recognize issues you might not know to look for. They could also help you find other ways to improve your garage doors.

For example, they might recognize your garage door wasn’t balanced properly. They might realize you need minor repairs rather than complete replacement services. A professional team might notice weatherstripping issues, too.

They can help you prevent excessive heat loss, which could improve your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

You can even look into garage door opener installation services. For example, maybe you want to add a keypad to your garage.

Hiring professionals can give you access to services you might not need.

4. Save Time and Money

Women Saving MoneyYou’re busy enough with other projects. If you take the DIY route, you might not realize how long garage door installation will take until you’ve started. If you have other projects you need to handle, free up your schedule.

Call a professional garage door company to handle the project instead.

Relying on professional services will leave you free to focus on other projects. Professionals know the most efficient way to get the task done. They’ll ensure you don’t have to wait too long before your new garage doors are in place.

Hiring a professional team can save you money in the long run.

First, they’ll ensure you purchase the best garage doors at the highest possible value. Otherwise, choosing cheaper options could require replacing doors sooner than expected.

You can also avoid accidents or installation mistakes leading to unexpected costs.

Instead, you can hire a professional team to complete everything perfectly the first time.

5. Peace of Mind

Installing garage doors on your own might seem like a great idea until you start. If you’re feeling stressed out about the process, call the professionals. Hiring a professional team will give you peace of mind.

You can feel confident knowing your garage doors are safe to use. You can ensure the quality and longevity of your doors, too.
Warranty Stamp

6. Preserve Your Warranty

Does a manufacturer’s warranty back your garage doors? Don’t take the DIY route. Otherwise, you could void the warranty if you need a licensed professional to complete the installation.

As a result, you’ll have to pay out of pocket if you require repair services in the future.

Instead, if you’re considering installing a garage door, hire a professional and keep your warranty intact.

Don’t DIY 6 Reasons to not Installing a Garage Door.

You don’t have to handle your garage door installation process alone. Instead, consider these six benefits of hiring a professional team. A professional garage door company can handle the process for you.

They can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

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