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Garage Door Maintenance Across St. Louis

Are you looking for garage door maintenance in St. Louis?  We get it – it is inconvenient when your garage door breaks down, especially when your car is inside, and you must go to work.

We recommend you consider a garage door maintenance plan to avoid these headaches and keep your garage door running smoothly all year round.

Even a one-time garage door tune-up will do wonders!

Why A Maintenance Plan?

  1. It helps prevent unexpected, frustrating breakdowns.
  2. It extends the life of your garage door & garage opener.
  3. It offers you discounts on parts, labor, and replacements.
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What’s Included?

Please submit the form below for pricing or ask about the program while we are there for your garage door maintenance.

  • Suitable for up to (3) 8′ tall garage doors and openers
  • Annual or recurring monthly payments
  • 2, 3, or 4 visits with a 1-year minimum commitment
  • 10% off parts
  • 10% off labor between scheduled maintenance
  • No service charges between scheduled maintenance
  • 10% off replacement doors.
  • 5% off replacement openers.
  • 25 point safety inspections.

25-Point Garage Door Maintenance Inspection.

Whether you’re having us perform a one-time garage tuneup or join our ongoing garage maintenance plan, Gateway Door & Contracting will extensively inspect your garage door and opener.

  • Rollers for signs of wear and tear or even damage.
  • Hinges for damage and excessive wear and tear.
  • Spring Bar that holds the springs and turns the door as it opens for any signs of rust, bending, or other defects.
  • Center Bracket for signs of bending and other common anomalies.
  • Cables for fraying and kinking – both lead to damage.
  • Drums for any unusual defects or even cracking.
  • Balance. We’ll ensure the garage door is balanced and the spring(s) are fully functional.
  • Center Bearing for wear and tear or even burned-out bearings, whether a single-piece nylon bushing or a metal housing with actual ball bearings.
  • End Bearing Plates are used to ensure no faults and allow the spring bar to turn freely as the door opens and closes.
  • Struts to ensure the sanctity of the overall garage door structure. Some garage doors are equipped with multiple struts depending on the door weight.
  • Section (interior/exterior) for any dents or tearing in the metal, along with any other common types of damage.
  • Vertical Tracks are for bending and damage to occur, so we’ll check them to ensure they are okay.
  • Horizontal Track holds the door while it is in the up position for bending and damage.
  • Top Brackets that hold the top roller in place for wear and tear or bending and twisting.
  • Bottom Brackets for wear, damage, and breakage (Mounted at the bottom of the lower garage door and hold the bottom rollers in place. These bottom brackets contribute to the lifting point on the garage doors)
  • Jamb Brackets for its position, for any bending or other damage. Jamb brackets attach the vertical tracks to the framework on each side of the garage door opening.
  • Safety Eyes for alignment (They keep the door from closing if a person or object is in the garage door’s path).
  • Springs for signs of rust and deterioration.
  • We will check the Motor Gears for any wear and grease them if necessary. We will also check the belt and/or chain for proper tension and any signs of deterioration.
  • Opener Controls for functioning efficiency.
  • Opener Trolley/Carriage for any damage to the trolley or grinding in the screw drive openers if you have one.
  • Wires for wear and tear or cracks in the wire coating.
  • Test the Limits to ensure your garage door opens and closes to the proper locations.
  • Opening and closing Force Limits ensure the proper force is applied to the garage door when it opens and closes.
  • Weather Seal is inspected for dry rot and any other damages (rubber located at the bottom of the garage door)

Our inspections are thorough because we prioritize having your door run smoothly and safely for you and your family, 24x7x365.  Dave Hill

Doors and Openers We Service

As a professional garage door company, we service every major brand, including Raynor.  Request maintenance!

Didn’t see your brand? No worries; in our 20+ years of professional experience, we’ve worked on all of them.  Request maintenance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a garage door be serviced?

We recommend garage doors have general maintenance done twice per year and at minimum once per year to keep them running smoothly and quietly and to locate possible issues that may arise. It is very inconvenient when you can’t get your car out of your garage! Request a Maintenance Quote!

How much does it cost to service a garage door?

A general maintenance can cost up to $150. Ask about our general maintenance plan to save on repairs and parts. Start Here!

What is included in a garage door tune-up?

During a tune-up, we will perform a complete safety check, ensure your garage door is balanced properly, and lubricate all moving parts. Request a Quote!

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