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Garage Door Repair in St. Louis

Are you in need of garage door services in St. Louis?

A working garage door is essential to your day-to-day life.  You rely on it working without issue; when it doesn’t, it becomes a hassle and a priority. Good news –  as the area’s top garage door repair company, we can help you no matter the type of garage door service you need.  Whether you need a garage door opener repair or a broken door spring, you can count on us to help!

A Recent Customer Testimony

“Needed our garage door fixed. Called several companies and no answer and no callbacks. Hill Garage Door Co. picked up the phone and had someone out in an hour. Their price and work was outstanding. Will be my go-to in the future. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.”
~ B. Haas

Our Services

Considered the best local garage door repairman in St. Louis and surrounding towns, we service, repair, and install all types of garage doors and garage door openers.

  • We can help you when your garage door spring breaks or you have a broken garage door cable.
  • We can help you fix that “click click click” noise while your door is going up and down.
  • We can help even if your garage door goes sideways.

No matter your garage door repair needs, we can help!

What We Repair

Here’s a shortlist of garage door repair services we offer. No matter what your garage repair need; springs, cables, opener, door, rollers, or even insulation, submit a service repair form, and we’ll call you to discuss your needs, then swiftly dispatch a professional garage door repairman to your home to get your garage door, or opener, back to regular operation.

  • Broken garage door spring
  • The garage transmitter is not responding
  • Stripped or worn-out gear
  • The garage photo-eye is out of alignment
  • Bent, misaligned, or a rusted track
  • Broken garage door cable broke
  • Garage panels need replacement
  • Many more, contact us to request a repair
Garage Door Repair Services

Garage door springs handle heavy loads and can wear out or break, making your garage door unsafe. Gateway Door & Contracting specializes in quick and reliable spring repair and replacement.

Cables play a vital role in the smooth working of your garage door. They help open and close the door accurately. These pesky parts can snap, fray or just wear down over time. Our team jumps into action to repair or replace those vital cables, ensuring your garage door works like a charm again in no time.

Fixing your garage door opener is crucial for safe and efficient access to your home or business. If you’re having trouble with your garage door opener, don’t delay getting it repaired. Programming issues with remotes and wireless keypads can be frustrating but are easily solved with our expert service.

Our team tackles roller and hinge replacements with expertise. These parts are crucial for a smooth, quiet garage door operation. Over time, rollers can wear out and hinges may become bent or broken.

This leads to a noisy, jerky door movement or worse, a door that sticks or won’t open at all. We swap out those tired rollers and faulty hinges quickly and efficiently, ensuring your door runs like new again.

Bent or misaligned tracks throw a wrench in your garage door’s smooth operation, making it stick or even halt. We jump into action, offering same-day track repair and realignment services to get your door back on track – literally.

Garage Installation Services

Need A New Installation?

Just as with our garage door and opener repair, if you are in need of any new garage door installation, we’re proud to offer the best in garage doors and openers.

We carry the best garage door and opener brands in the market today.

Garage Doors and Openers We Repair & Service

As a professional garage door company, we proudly service all major brands like Raynor, Genie, and more.  

Submit a service call!

Beware of Repair Scams 🙁

Watch this News4 investigation video before you have your garage door repaired.  We want to assure you, we’ll provide you with a competitive and fair estimate to repair whatever garage door issue you may have, and be honest if you don’t need one.

Integrity is everything!

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The Gateway Door and Contracting Pledge

Our Pledge To You

If you allow us the privilege of serving you, we’ll treat you with respect, answer all your questions with clarity, provide the best in value service, and always serve you with excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should it cost to repair a garage door?

Repair costs vary on the issue. A standard repair can be $99.00-$149 if there are no parts needed. Request a repair!

How much does it cost to replace the springs on a garage door?

Having your torsion springs replaced can cost $175 to $275 depending on the size of spring needed for your garage door. Start Here!

Should I repair or replace my garage door?

Repair vs. replace is usually up to the customer. Really the only time it is a must to replace is if the sections of the garage door are compromised and/or the repairs are going to cost close to the same or more than a new door. Request an Estimate!

24×7 Service / Repair Request Form

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